The 5 Elements of Embodied Photography

Hey y'all

I don't know about you but the world we are currently living in feels bit overwhelming at this moment.

There are days where it feels like we are so distracted by the noise and trauma of the world that we cannot hear ourselves think or feel.

Many times it feels like the external world is telling us what we should be concerned about, instead of telling us to go inside ourselves to find the answers.

In an increasingly loud, noisy world like the one we are living in today, the idea of staying grounded and in tune with our physical world can feel daunting.  

However, it is a necessary skill we must hone if are ever going to feel like we are the captain of our own ship and be the builder of our best life. 

This is where the concept of Embodied Photography becomes our best friend.

In a nutshell, Embodied Photography asks us to take a photo with all of our senses.  It asks us to experience our physical world on a deeper level then just quickly snapping a photo.  In a nutshell, it asks us to respond vs. react.  When we learn to respond vs. react, we are able to learn to see the world differently.  More importantly, we learn to see ourselves in a different light.

Below, you will find the 5 Elements of Embodied Photography.

1. We use our camera as a tool for focusing on what's happening around us in the present moment.

2. We use our bodies as a source of information to increase our awareness and perception to the act of taking a photo.

3. Paying attention to what we are seeing and feeling in the world around us and in our bodies increases the overall quality to way we pay attention to small moments in our lives.

4. Embodied Photography asks us to respond with our eyes and bodies to what we see around us instead of just reacting with a quick, reactive, click of a button.

5. It's about responding to what we see and feel without judging or labeling what see as "good," "bad, "beautiful" or ugly."