Photographing Bikes in Urban Photography

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-In case y'all haven't noticed I love photographing bikes on the street as a part of my urban photography bikes.  I mean I think I have probably made like 12 STL Heart Cards out of my visual love for street bikes, mountain bikes, vintage bikes, vespas, etc.  Haha.  So for you fellow bike lovers out there I have a few tips on how to bring your love for biking into your composition.


-So hey, it’s the holiday weekend and we’re all gonna be outside with our favorite humans doing our thing (and possibly riding some bikes or at least seeing a lot of people riding bikes all about town). Here are a few tips I have for ya on photographing bikes in urban photography.    


- Photographing bikes parked on the streets or even urban bike riders tells a visual story about the ever changing face of urban living



-Consider focusing on photographing the bike from a variety of angles and vantage points: side, front, back, etc. 



-Consider ways to embed the surrounding environment with the bike. If the bike is in an alley way, photograph aspects of the bike in the alley way


-Ask permission to take a portrait of an bike owner riding or on the bike