Abou the Artist Julie Johnson and STL Heart Cards

Julie Johnson is artist, community educator and photographer who resides in St. Louis, MO.  

“I create photographs to remind myself of how rich it is to experience being alive. I approach photography as a three­ dimensional art in a two dimensional world. I see it as my job to build the visual layers of texture and color within the subjects. It is my deep desire for viewers of my work to walk away with a stronger sense of connectedness to the little things in our daily lives that make us feel whole and awake.” 

Julie is a teacher and artist in St. Louis working primarily in photography. Julie's artwork has been greatly impacted by her time working with clients and students in social services and as an educator in St. Louis City and County. She is most known for her photographs of urban landscapes, street art, and city streets that depict the broad spectrum of experiences that occur within city life.

STL Heart Cards was created as a way to help build a sense of community between people who live and look differently from each other.  "It's my hope that with each STL Heart Card shared between two people, our community begins to heal from the deep wounds of racial and socionomic injustices...one card at a time." 

Community Representation

STL Heart Cards  has been involved in the community including fundraisers donating cards to benefit ArtWroks and the Ritenour School District.  We have also worked with several small businesses by selling STL Heart Cards at wholesale costs or on Consignment with Rise Coffeehouse, STL Style, Union Studio and Shanti Yoga.  STL Heart Cards also regularly partners with Route, Inc, a sustainable fashion not for profit that sells handmade goods and accessories created by women, for community events and pop up shops around the community.

Julie is eager to connect to more small businesses and not for profits over the next few months and years to see how STL Heart Cards can help heal, grow and support the work and passion of those in our community in St. Louis and beyond.